Frameworth prides itself on quality memorabilia and customer service. Our customers know that when they purchase items from Frameworth they are receiving authentic top quality products.

Quality and authenticity are the major focus of Frameworth Sports Marketing. These objectives have allowed us to evolve into the company we are today.

Please read below about what some of our customers have to say about Frameworth. If you would like to submit your own personal testimonial, please send it to webmaster@frameworth.com.

From: Mark Jones

"I just received my Flyers autographed Briere jersey and could not be more pleased the signature is outstanding and displays very nicely. I have a large hockey collection which includes 5 autographed jerseys from Frameworth."

"Thank you for selling top quality products that only make my hockey collection better. I know when an item says Frameworth that I am getting an authentic autograph with no questions asked and can display it proudly. I hope to deal with you many more times!"

From: Joel Lustig - On Frameworth's new retail superstore

As an avid collector of autographed sport memorabilia I was looking forward to the opening of your store. As I entered the showroom I was greeted by your friendly staff and I was in awe with the sheer number autographed memorabilia. The autographs are of the highest quality but also exquisitely framed.

I was surprised to be offered a picture of my favourite player as the first one to enter the store and was expecting a standard common print. I was quite astonished and pleased when I was a handed a numbered, autographed and framed picture of my favourite player, Bobby Hull.

I would like to thank you very much for the beautiful picture that is now hanging in our family room. I wish you success in your new endeavour and I am sure to visit in the near future.

From: Paul

"I am enjoying my Clash of the Titans with Howe, Richard and Beliveau that I received yesterday. Thanks again."

"P.S. I think your website is great!"

From: Robert Bastone

"I love your product authenticity and have been very happy with the products that I have purchased to date.”

"I wanted to let you know that I used to log in and purchase from a different address, so my loyalty has been there for a while."

"I certainly appreciate the goodwill from you that further provides me with the knowledge and comfort that I'm dealing with professionals."

From: Kerry Lazenby

"I am very pleased with your products. I operate a Canadian club in Michigan made up of professionals born in Canada. The products I have ordered from you in the past look great in the board room!”

From: Denis Theriault

"I am also the proud owner of one of your beautiful pieces the Darryl Sittler 10 Point Night with score sheet which my wife got me last Christmas.”

"You guys do such an incredible job framing things it really is an art."

From: Wade Harris

"I first heard of frameworth while listening to the Fan590 online, what a great business you guy's have. I look forward to seeing all of your new product as it comes available.”

From: B.B

"I have received my item won on NHL.com and was pleasantly surprised at the fast shipping.”

From: Rob Evans

"I am very pleased with the purchase I made of the Maple Leaf Garden Ticket Picture.”

"I will be watching the Frameworth page for special team and player merchandise.”

From: Scott

"I have to tell you that your site is very impressive. The graphics are excellent.”

From: Jason David Flannery

"Hope to hear more from you guys soon and keep up the great work. Memorabilia is one thing that may be able to put a positive spin on this (NHL) lockout and bring back some fan appreciation for the players who truly deserve it.”

From: Steve Francis

"My favorite picture from you guys is the 16 x 20 autographed Bobby Orr and it is stunning!”

"You guys are the best and enjoy all the pictures that I have gotten from your company"

"it would be an honor to be associated with such a great company as Frameworth"

"You can be sure that I will be back to get more great pictures from the best guys in the business"

From: Bert Labonte

"Your website is kool!”

From: Jeff Goulding

"You guys sell amazing pieces so keep up the good work.”

From: Richard Thompson

"Love your products, I'm very big into the Hall of Fame Pictures ... ”

From: Scott Taylor

"The offer sounds great! I will join your Sports Club for sure!”

From: Sambit Barik

"I am pleased to have won this auction and to do business with such a reputable name in the hockey memorabilia industry"