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Conducting a fund raiser for Charity? Implement a silent or live auction to challenge people’s competitive spirit and raise more funds for your cause. With just a phone call we will respond to all your needs including staffing the event, clerical requirements and all the merchandising. We can help choose from our proven best sellers across a wide variety of products including sports memorabilia, art, and collectibles.

Your risk is ZERO • Your cost is ZERO

We have worked with hundreds of Charities including: Shoot For a Cure, The Kidney Foundation, Variety Village, The Hospital for Sick Children, Princess Margaret Hospital, Mt. Sinai Hospital, the Ontario SPCA, NHL Awards Dinner, Special Olympics and many more.

The Silent Auction and How it Works

1. The cost of item is marked on the bid sheet as the STARTING BID
2. Attendees bid the item up in increments of $5.00 to $10.00 until the Final Bid is determined at the close of the sale.*
3. After credit card charges (IF APPLICABLE), and taxes (UNLESS THE CHARITY
COLLECTS THE MONEY), The difference between the Final Bid and the cost goes
directly to your cause. *Frameworth can process Payments by Visa, MasterCard, OR Amex

There can be variations to the program, determined by unique cases and opportunities, but these details can all be discussed prior to the event.

Key Elements of the Silent Auction:

  • Attendance: the more attendees the greater the competitive spirit and return;
  • Community Support: Members of the community help drive attendance and success;
  • Location: an accessible location, made comfortable to the bidder that has items fully displayed to the attendees is important for success.
  • Variety: a wide range of unique and beautiful items to appeal to all tastes. This diversity promotes greater interest and greater potential bidding.

We look after the attendees by having knowledgeable staff on hand to answer questions and assist wherever possible. Raffle Prizes: at many silent or live auctions a raffle Prize is offered, where tickets are purchased and everyone has a chance to win the item. This encourages participation even from those who may not bid through the normal process.

Corporate Events: the silent auction works extremely well at corporate events, providing a unique venue that encourages participation from attendees. It allows the corporation to support their favourite charity and gives your Team a spirit building event, while also providing the opportunity for people to bid on unique items.

The Live Auction

The Live Auction differs little from the Silent Auction. The Cost price of the item is the starting bid and the highest bidder wins the auction. The difference between the bid and cost is figured as in the Silent Auction.

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